About Us

Who we are?

Our company started its activity at the beginning of 2014, mainly production of polyethylene-based packaging. We give, as service of our clients, the 17 years of professional experience of our enthusiastic team. Our main strengths: flexibility, and fast, accurate customer demand’s service. But not only serve our customers’s needs, in our service palette, we focused to the innovation, and we develop together with them the tomorrow’s packaging.

Both, our employees, and the management comitted to technology development as well as create environmental friendly jobs. A top priority for us to reduce our ecological footprint.

A part of our products, we prepare recycled, re-granulated materials, thereby aiming at an increased protection of the environment. We are working on six blown-film extruder, with production capacity exceeding 200 tons per month.

We also focusing to produce high-quality printed and confectioned products. We have to perform this type of jobs with a 1.200 mm wide, six-color stack type flexographic printing machine, and 5 high-performance semi-automatic confection machines.

Environmentally jobs is a „buzzword” in 21st century. Our colleagues are not just talking about the environment friendly behaviour, but also effectively do it. In addition to the selective waste collection, our products are made of recycled plastic. These are not released into the environment as waste, but are processed, thereby contributing to the protection of our planet. We also rationalized our energy consumption.

In further developments, we are open-minded to use more and more renewable energy sources.