Our Products


We have endeavoured at design our product range, and procurement of the equipments to meet the widest possible demand of our customers. We manufacture and sell for them bags from the smallest (length 150 mm) to the pallet size shrink wrapping (length 3.000 mm).

Our customers' satisfaction is the most important consideration for us, since we will be successful if they serve out their expected high standards. Thank you for the many positive feedback, which has enabled for us a continuous development in recent years.

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In addition to the production of traditional products, the innovation plays an important role in our company. Despite the relatively short careers, already have some patent applications, and tailor-made machine developments in plastic industry.

Some special products ... – including, but not limited to: Special bags, for, first of all, frozen industry, which retain their elasticity even in the super-fast deep-freezing, and don’t break.

An another successful product, which was originally created for the spice industry, this bags closed by sew, but it must to retain it's barrier properties, so "healing" the stitching holes, generated by sew.

And some more ...which are currently still under patent process.

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We manufacture for our customer's high-quality, both, small-scale and bulk orders, with short delivery time. Don’t hesitate, contact us and we will find the optimal packaging solution for your product.

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